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Izmir Festival > Program > LA CANTIGA DE LA SERENA – Zero Nove Nove

Tuesday, June 13, 2023 • Izmir Historical Agora • 21.00
Zero Nove Nove
Fabrizio Piepoli, vocals, chitarra battente, classical guitar, frame drums
Giorgia Santoro, flute, bansuri, sajat, cymbals
Adolfo La Volpe, oud, classical guitar
A LA UNA YO NACI (Cantiga trad. sephardic)
OMORFOULA / ODE LE’ELI (Macedonian traditional dance / Rabbi Shalom
Shabazi - trad. yemenite)
MORENICA / MORETTO (Cantiga trad. sephardic / Salento)
LA NOVIA (Cantiga trad. sephardic)
LA FORTUNA (trad. Salento)
LONGA FARAHFAZA (Riyad el Sonbati)
LA TARANTELLA (Cristoforo Caresana)
ADIO QUERIDA (Cantiga trad. sephardic)
YO M’ENAMORI D’UN AIRE (Cantiga trad. sephardic)
The Salento-based trio La Cantiga de la Serena seeks out and reworks ancient music from the Mediterranean regions, music which has always represented a true cultural bridge between East and West.
The band’s repertoire is a refined mixture of traditional music from Puglia (‘alla stisa’ songs, lullabies, tarantella, pizzica), sophistically rearranged; cantigas and sephardic romances, truly expressing the tradition of the Sephardic-Jews during the diaspora from Spain and Portugal in the XV century; medieval pilgrimage and devotional chants (Cantigas de Santa Maria, Llibre Vermell de Montserrat); and stunning melodies and chants from the musical heritage of Provence, Al-Andalus and Portugal.
It is a journey into Mediterranean music, through the charming and hypnotic rhythms of Southern Italian folk music, the sweetness of Sephardic melodies, the refined improvisational technique of Islamic maqam, and the unusual rhythms of Middle Eastern and Balkan music.
Music has a unique role in showing us how different cultures and religions can live together respectfully. This project tells of an era in which the musical traditions of different peoples mingled and enriched one another quite naturally in daily life.
The use of musical instruments belonging to different cultures and the space given to improvisation enhance the performance of a repertoire that celebrates the free expression of the musicians, and the way in which they filter these ancient songs of love, prayer and joy.


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