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5th National Composition Contest


İzmir Culture, Art and Education Foundation (İKSEV) organized by, "Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı National Composition Contest" held in 2004, the fifth.
24 of the work the fifth competition was the first Review Meeting in Izmir on Saturday, October 23, 2004.
Chairman of the Selection Committee as a member of the meeting Nevit Kodallı'nın Aykal Rengim Gökmen, İstemihan Taviloğlu, Turgay Erdener, Özkan Manav and Hasan Uçarsu participated.
In accordance with the conditions specified in the specification and the evaluation method, the following works of composers mentioned the names of the "Competition Concert" at the finals have had to be performed:
- Yigit Aydin,
- Moses Immigration,
- Mesruh War,
- Can Akin Aksel.
On Friday, December 17, 2004 by the İzmir State Symphony Orchestra conductor Rengim Gökmen "Competition Concert" in the works sung by the audience, the orchestra, and was delivered to the selection committee, under the supervision of a notary public as a result of evaluation points for voting participants,
- First prize, "scene" of works from Yigit Aydin,
- Second prize, "Silk Road" Life's Aksel Akın of works,
- Third prize, "Suite for Solo Violin" immigrant named Moses his work,
- Honorable Mention "for Orchestra Two Part" Mesruh's War of works are given.


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